Located in Misiones, Argentina, plants and animals compose this incredible, wild ecosystem.

San Jorge Nature Reserve, Argentina

This reserve is located in the Iguazú Department, and was designated as a Private Forestry Reserve in 1999. Its 40,000 acres are covered by the paranaense forest containing high conservation values and biodiversity.

This reserve is part of 270,000 acres of native forest and high conservation value areas which compose an essential extension of native jungle that connects two large reserves in the northern area of Misiones: Iguazú National Park and Urugua-í Provincial Park.

This area is home to a large variety of flora and fauna species, including an outstanding diversity of orchids, trees and vegetation that has pharmacological properties. There is also a significant abundance of birds, including native and/or endangered species, as well as mammals such as the jaguar (Panthera oca) and tapir, which have been declared natural monuments.

The reserve also offers a wide range of landscapes and ecosystems such as scrubland and marshland, areas amply covered in native forest, waterfalls and mountain ranges.