Kitchens for Incremental Housing Project is recognized with the 2017 Avonni Award in Design Category

Publicado el 15-11-2017

The Kitchens for Incremental Housing project, created by designers Jhan Arancibia, Juan Cristóbal Karich and architect Felipe Arriagada, directed by Juan Pablo Fuentes was recognized with the 2017 AVONNI Award in the Design category.

The ceremony for the 11th version of the National Innovation Award was held on Thursday, November 9 at TVN television station headquarters, where the best projects were recognized in 15 categories and the winner of the Anacleto Angelini Innovative Career Award was announced.

The Avonni Awards were organized by ForoInnovación Foundation, “El Mercurio” newspaper and the Chilean Ministry of Economy, with the support of Corfo.

“I’m very proud, this is a difficult and long term project, during which not only the designers worked behind closed doors. It is three designers working at full capacity, each one with his own style, each one his own way and I think all three were able to arrive at different visualizations. Personally, I’m very happy”, said Juan Pablo Fuentes, industrial designer.

Felipe Montes, Assistant Marketing Manager at ARAUCO, was very pleased to receive this award. “A lot of time was put into working with ARAUCO’s team, Juan Pablo and the designers, and even though this prize represents a high point, we’re now starting a second stage in which we invite people to download the step by step guide and try to build these kitchens. This is a nice example of the things that can be accomplished when private businesses work with design and designers”, he said.

This project includes three DIY kitchens with adjustable design created by designers Jhan Arancibia, Juan Cristóbal Karich and architect Felipe Arriagada using VESTO melamine. The main idea behind these design plans, which started in 2016, is to improve the quality of people’s lives by providing a space that adapts to the needs of each home.

The initiative has also been recognized with the 2016 Excellence in Design Award in the innovation category, given by the National Council for Culture and the Arts during the 6th Chilean Design Biennial.

“I think the project has renewed itself and we’re now starting to work on a third Vesto gathering, for which we already have a master plan, but we can’t give details ahead of time. But this gives ARAUCO a new drive, to continue to support design”, added Juan Pablo.

“Now we’re inviting people to build these kitchens; they’re easy to assemble and if you don’t have the know-how you can always ask a friendly furniture maker for help. It’s all at the web site and the materials can be purchased at any hardware store”, said Fuentes.

Click here to learn more about this project and download the Step by Step guide.