Teachers shared collaboration experiences in learning

Publicado el 29-11-2017

Seminar “More collaboration, better learning: sharing practices for improvement”, was attended by more than 200 people from Maule, Ñuble, Bío Bío and Los Ríos. The event included the award ceremony for outstanding Teacher and Commune, for their commitment to students’ reading achievements.

Deepening COLLABORATION as a key skill to learn from others and teach with others was the objective of the Seminar organized by the Arauco Educational Foundation, which was attended by over 200 teachers and education agents of Maule, Ñuble, Bío Bío and Los Ríos.

The speakers featured at the seminar were Víctor Reyes, director of Liceo Bicentenario de San Nicolas, who talked about the success of this school; and Lynn Sharratt, renowned professor and researcher of the University of Toronto, in Canada.

Isidora Recart, director of Arauco Educational Foundation, said: “There is an endogenous ability within schools to learn from what they do and we are the drivers of that ability, we help strengthen them and therefore, we think collaboration is key”.

Lynn Sharratt highlighted that “collaboration starts with building relationships based on trust and should include work that is focused, because we do not collaborate simply because we like each other, but because we are interested in improving the quality of education and learning of students”.

In addition, this tenth version of the seminar included the presentation of the Mabel Condemarín Teacher Award, which was given to teacher Alicia Muñoz who teaches at Escuela Edelmira Vergara in Arauco commune; and the outstanding Commune award for the community’s commitment to students’ reading achievements, which was earned by Coelemu.

Alicia Muñoz was grateful for the award saying: “I’m very proud; I was educated in the public system, where, if you really want something, you can achieve it. I felt called to become a teacher, I enjoy my work, and so, I think I couldn’t be at a better place than the public sector”.

The seminar ended with a musical surprise for the audience: a short concert by the Children and Youth Orchestra of Curanilahue, which dazzled the more than 200 participants of this activity, which was organized by the Arauco Educational Foundation.


About Lyn Sharratt

Lyn Sharratt has worked for over 22 years as a teacher at urban and rural schools of the most socially vulnerable areas of Canada. During her career she held the position of Superintendent of Curriculum and Instructional Services on the York Region District School Board, where she was recognized for designing and implementing a school improvement program that produced a significant increase in the learning achievements of 115,000 students. As a result, York went on to become the top performing district in the Ontario province.

Lynn currently coordinates the doctoral internship program in Educational Administration at the University of Toronto, and is an international consultant in educational leadership.

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