We present our new visual identity

Publicado el 31-08-2017

This change in our image allows us to express greater closeness and differentiation in a visual language that is simple and global; and able to transition from the corporate world to products in contact with our customers and end consumers.

On August 31, during ARAUCO’s annual executives meeting, we presented our new image, which aims to express the evolution that we’ve experienced in over 40 years in Chile and the world, by means of the concept “Renewables for a better life”.

The new visual image emerges from our story and corporate identity, which is sustained by the renewable origin of our resources and the development of products and solutions that improve people’s lives.

In addition, another aspect that sustain the foundation of our image change is the global nature of our company, which, nearing its 50th anniversary, has transformed into an internationally renowned company that maintains ongoing and dynamic growth, under high management standards.

Charles Kimber, ARAUCO’s Senior Vice-President Commercial & Corporate Affairs, says that “the new visual identity allows us to reach out to diverse stakeholders in a way that is different and personalized. Without a doubt, this is a global brand for the competitive scenarios we’re in and in which we project ourselves”.

The executive also stated, “In these 47 years, we’ve been able to successfully adapt to a number of scenarios, always maintaining constant movement and searching for new paths for development”.

Our new identity is comprised of a new logo that no longer includes the pine tree that was with us for years, but instead it reappears as a highlighted element of our new image, which incorporates a new language and colors. The logo is designed in lower case letters that are robust, unique and exclusive, expressing greater closeness and a style that best connects the company to the world of architecture and design.

The contemporary font’s color and shape are reminiscent of wood; it is related to the geometry of timber cuts, from which our products originate.

We invite you to learn more in the following video.