ARAUCO continues to improve its environmental performance results in the Environmental Paper Company Index

Publicado el 13-02-2018

The Index’s primary aims are to promote transparency and continual improvement, measuring the environmental performance of participating manufacturers by applying evaluation criteria to both their policy and production.

Thirty-five global pulp, paper and packaging manufacturers participated in the fifth version of the Environmental Paper Company Index 2017 (EPCI), a World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) tool that aims to track and assess a company’s environmental performance in time in regard to the responsible sourcing of fiber, clean production and Environmental Management System reporting.

ARAUCO participated alongside companies from, South America, North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Participants’ results are published at the following link:

This is ARAUCO’s third evaluation in the Pulp Category, attaining 66.2% of total score which accounts for a 19.2 score increase since its first evaluation in 2013. Between 2015 and 2017, the company has significantly increased the use of FSC certified pulp. In addition, ARAUCO has considerably improved its water emissions results and increased measures to combat climate change.

The Index’s methodology is based on a questionnaire containing about 50 indicator questions linked to responsible fiber sourcing, clean production and EMS reporting for each production line, including all facilities involved. Therefore, the Index tracks companies and the sector on their way to sustainability.

ARAUCO’s numbers

Our Company has been evaluated in the Pulp Category since 2013. Please review the following charts detailing each item.



Charles Kimber, ARAUCO’s Senior Vice-President Commercial & Corporate Affairs said that “as a company, this increase in EPCI 2017 results shows the good work we’ve been doing for a number of years now, and not only in terms of the Pulp Business, but also the Forestry and Timber businesses. We will analyze these results, learn from them and take measures that will allow us to continue to move forward conducting responsible work not only in our performance but in our environmental management as well”.

Our participation in EPCI contributes to the Company’s effort to continue to develop better measures and be responsible for its environmental management.